Be the gentle and successful leader
you deserve to be.

Without having to change everything
about yourself to get there.


The gentle and successful leadership programme will support you to:

  • 1
    Believe in your leadership qualities and influence for positive change and impact
  • 2
    Serve and support others, as you love to do, without burning out
  • 3
    Take action where you've previously stalled from perfectionism and decision paralysis
  • 4
    Increase your self compassion habit, reducing self doubt and judgement, saving emotional energy and time for where you need it - to support yourself and those around you
  • 5
    Protect your own wellbeing better so you feel less pressured, rushed and stressed and value being 'off' as much as 'on'
  • 6
    Articulate your version of success authentically, reach for it - perhaps for the first time
  • 7
    Create space for action that is aligned with how you want to show up, serve, support and succeed
  • 8
    Find an authentic community of others sharing their truths and their behind the scenes to learn and grow further together

The course

Includes 6 Modules that will help you create the gentle and successful life and business you really deserve

Designing the gentle and successful life you want

The ultimate design and implementation process – redesigning how we work and live to be more in line with our success criteria.

Prioritising self compassion for success

 Defining and propelling your self compassion habit to reduce self-doubt, spend less time in overwhelm and make brilliant decisions again 

Communicating for success

Communicating effectively and confidently to create space for growth. Reframing negatives to become your biggest strengths

Setting our digital world up differently

Changing our relationship with our online spaces for more efficient thinking, time management and leadership development

Creating the best space for success

Decluttering our mind, space and environment around us. Seeking out resources not previously available, including money mindset work.

Your 6 months ahead in successful and gentle business

Realistic implementation of your plan. Presenting your personal growth findings, with group accountability and feedback. Creating successful markers ahead.

Within these modules, I’ll also teach you my own tried and tested techniques that work time and again to increase my own confidence, self-compassion and creativity to stay authentic, honest and motivated and, finally, feel and achieve success on my own terms.

To be the leader and influencer I strive to be myself.

Why me as your host?

I’ve seen time and again how, when we apply these unique gentle life skills to our area of leadership (at home, work, relationships and more), we create effective change that lasts, which ripples out to impact not just us but also family, friends and communities who we serve.  

That’s why I want to support more people who are leading in an area - even if you don't fully recognise that you are right now; you might be running a business, sharing a message or holding space for others somehow. 

I set up one of the first cancer coaching services in the UK, providing support to hundreds of cancer patients and survivors and saw how I needed to create healthy boundaries and balance for myself before I considered the work I wanted to do to support others. Sometimes I got it wrong, and saw how this impacted my ability to deliver and put myself out there to share my mission.

I’ve been through difficult health circumstances myself and saw again how I needed support to help myself, guide and grow my business in the way that was right for my needs, that would help me grow with authenticity and integrity

Through the gentle and successful life programme I’m facilitating a change process that sees you having a greater impact as the leader and influencer you truly are.

With over 20 years in the health and wellbeing world, including the NHS and charity sector, 2 psychology degrees and a coaching and NLP diploma I have the professional experience to hold space and facilitate this process with you. 

I've also appeared in top publications and podcasts including Stylist Magazine and BBC Radio talking about the benefits and impact of leading a more gentle life on our minds and businesses.

With thousands of hours of coaching in mindset, business and lifestyle change, I will guide you using my vast professional background and life experiences to help you create your gentle and successful life with integrity and authenticity.

How we'll do this together

6 facilitated training modules over 12 weeks to create unique and lasting change that makes a difference to you and those you support

6 group coaching calls to enhance your learning on the module and receive live guidance from me and your fellow members

Daily private group support and accountability within the members space for confidence and encouragement through change

In addition to this core content, you can expect the same calibre of guests as those we had for the Spring masterclasses:

Atifa Balding - Surrey Hills Wellness

Ati is an Integrative Therapist who specialises in Sensory Journey Meditation, Mindfulness and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT - Tapping therapy). She'll host an exclusive Sensory Journey session for members to support business mindset and emotional growth. 

Lauren Derrett - This Girl Is Enough

Lauren is the Author of Filter Free, where she shares her own and other women's wisdom on removing ourselves from judgement and comparison. She'll host an exclusive session for members on social media and online experiences and changing our relationship with our online world. 

Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli - Naked Beauty Podcast

Brooke is a Marketing Manager and runs the Naked Beauty Podcast sharing natural beauty recipes and diverse discussions across the airways. She'll host an exclusive session for members on how to squeeze in self-care and even create natural skin-care during the midst of a busy life. 


What People Are Saying...

"I'm SO grateful that I took the opportunity to slow down the madness and take time to reflect on all this - my life as it is now and what I want it to be.The discovery continues - it's never over. And that's the beauty of it. Thank you Emily for getting me on this path. Step by step, I feel like I can get there, if I keep the destination in mind."

Sarah Bussandri, Author and Business Support Manager

"This is for anyone who is feeling stressed, frazzled, not coping with life, too busy to focus or pay attention to simple tasks and for those with lots of negative mind chatter.

I have new skills around how to be more present with my family, to pay more attention to people and tasks, and to give myself permission to say no. It's been so helpful and I highly recommend to everyone just coping with life.

Kim Palmer, Founder - Clementine App 

"There are so many benefits I've left with from this programme. There's been 

a change to my way of thinking, it's given me the support and tools to keep making those positive changes I was hoping I'd see.

Emily, thank you for providing such a strong and inspiring programme!"

Isobel Kennedy, Independent Makeup Artist

This course might well be exactly what you need

Who this is for

  • check-circle-o
    You're finally able to see you are indeed a leader and influencer in your own unique way
  • check-circle-o
    You'd love to work on your business from the perspective of who YOU are and how you lead and want to show up 
  • check-circle-o
    You want to develop and grow yourself and your business, project or mission but gently and authentically
  • check-circle-o
    You want to change the dynamic and expectations of success for yourself and society
  • You're completely bought into the idea of self-care but it's slightly gone out the window with so much business, and busy-ness, to think about.

Who this is not for

  • times-circle-o
    You're too busy to be less busy right now
  • times-circle-o
    You want to be told exactly what to do
  • times-circle-o
    You're not ready to invest in this way in yourself or your business

The Spring 2019 Programme has just ended. You can now register your interest for the Autumn programme.

Your investment

This is my flagship coaching programme which is significantly lower cost than my one-to-one private work yet still huge value and impact for you.

Group Access

Join with high level group Access

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    6 teaching modules (audio, downloads and live training)
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    6 live group coaching calls
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    Private members online space
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    3 live masterclasses
  • check-circle-o
    Lifetime access to modules and content as future courses launch

Join with high level group Access

or 9 x payments £99

Personal access

Join with Additional private access and support

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    6 teaching modules (audio, downloads and live training)
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    6 live group coaching calls
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    Private members online space
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    3 live masterclasses
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    2 x 60 minute private coaching sessions during course 
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    VIP workshop for private members 4 weeks after course 
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    Lifetime access to modules and content as future courses launch

Join with Additional private access and support

or 9 x payments £155



I don't know if I'm leader or an influencer

I've never seen anyone build a successful business gently. Is it really possible?

Is this business, life or mindset coaching? And is this strategy and techniques or 'find out for yourself' type work?

Will it help me make more money?

What if I can't make a group call?

What's the time commitment each week?

It's not a great time for me but I'm interested

Didn't find the answer you're looking for?

The Spring 2019 Programme has just ended. You can now register your interest for the Autumn programme.